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The Great Dr. Scott Doctor Dog Duty (New, TV-G) Cameras follow veterinarian Dr. Scott Miller's daily life at his veterinary clinic, where he treats and cares for various animal patients.
Rock the Park Canyonlands National Park (HD, New, TV-G) The hosts take the audience to visit America's national parks as they get up close and personal with nature and explore the beauty of these national treasures.
Vacation Creation with Tommy Davidson and Andrea Feczko Bonding in the Baltic (HD, New, TV-G) A woman, her firefighting father and her mother set out through the Baltic Sea; in Lithuania, the family goes on a kayak ride to a scenic river.
College Football Oklahoma Sooners at TCU Horned Frogs from Amon G. Carter Stadium (HD) Oklahoma is 13-5 all-time vs. the Horned Frogs after a 41-17 victory in the 2017 Big 12 Championship Game; TCU has lost three of its last four games.

« Maverick The Jail at Junction Flats (TV-G) Bret attempts to free Dandy Jim Buckley from jail after Buckley is arrested for trying to swindle innocent people using the money that Bret lent him.
Wagon Train The Conchita Vasquez Story (TV-G) Flint's encounter with a beautiful Spanish girl takes a dangerous turn when he is taken captive by her family and held for a ransom.
The Big Valley Legend of a General, Part 2 (TV-G) The Mexican authorities show up at the Barkley ranch seeking the general, the family will not cooperate and begins hatching a plan to break Heath out of prison.
Gunsmoke The Cast (TV-PG) Marshal Matt Dillon and his trusted deputy use their six-gun skills and wits to maintain law and order in the rough and tumble Old West town of Dodge City.

« Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Dolls (HD, TV-14) The detectives realize that they have stumbled upon the trail of a serial pedophile after discovering the decomposing body of a sexually molested girl.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Waste (HD, TV-14) While investigating how a comatose woman has been impregnated, the detectives discover the baby is being sought after by a financially backed doctor.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Juvenile (HD, TV-14) The detectives discover that a murder victim was also a cancer patient who was selling marijuana to a multitude of individuals out of her apartment.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Resilience (HD, TV-14) The detectives try to help an alleged rape victim, but her story constantly changes and the evidence collected from her is found to be inauthentic.

« McCloud The Colorado Cattle Caper (TV-PG) A USDA inspector is murdered after attempting to examine a stolen shipment of possibly contaminated beef and his killer makes a run for Colorado.
McMillan & Wife The Face of Murder A police commissioner's pursuit of an international jewel thief places his wife in harm's way when the culprit begins to systematically take out witnesses.
The A-Team Beneath the Surface (TV-PG) Face returns to the orphanage to reunite with his old friends sister, who is concerned about her brothers disappearance, and he sees his former crush.
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